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Community of Smyer opens Blessing Box

Smyer Blessing Box (source: KCBD video) Smyer Blessing Box (source: KCBD video)
A look inside the Smyer Blessing Box (source: KCBD video) A look inside the Smyer Blessing Box (source: KCBD video)

Cities across the country are building what are called Blessing Boxes, and now the community of Smyer has built one too.

Each Blessing Box is unique, but the basic concept is for the box to be a community ministry where those in need can come to pick up food, toiletries and other items.

“Anyone at any time, 24/7, can come and put food in the box, and take from the box...I’ve seen people here and there stopping at the box, but I’ll come and there’s new stuff in it nearly every day,” Ashley Saed, who saw the idea online, and decided to make it a reality, said.“I had posted on Facebook to see if there was any interest here locally in doing it, and a couple of other families actually stepped up and helped me build the box."

The Smyer Blessing Box is located at the First Baptist Church on Grant Street in Smyer.

“We keep food, canned food, we keep toiletries, we keep baby food. Anything like that that in an emergency if you need, we have here in the box,” Saed said.

The box fills a void some might not think about, as Smyer doesn’t have any grocery stores, shesaid.

“There’s not anywhere to go. I mean you can go to Lubbock or you can go to Levelland. But if you don’t have a vehicle and you need something, we wanted to make sure that people had what they needed,” Saed said.

But  the main goal is to make sure children in Smyer can eat throughout the upcoming summer months.

“I would hate to know that there are children in our area that are hungry and will not have three meals a day all summer long,” Saed said.

Fellow church member and longtime Smyer resident, Sue Bell Propst, says she thinks many people in the community will benefit from this.

“Take what you need, bring what you can. And let it be a blessing to you both directions. Because you know, all of us have a need at times. And sometimes it’s a physical need for food. And sometimes it’s just a need to help someone,” Propst said.

And as the Smyer Blessing Box continues to fill up, Saed said, she is grateful for everyone who is pitching in for the good of others.

“It’s really a great thing and I’m excited that the community has come together and is working on this project,” Saed said.

The Blessing Box has a Facebook page if you’d like to learn more or reach out to help:

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