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Clovis Citizens Show Support for Cannon Air Force Base

Will Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis, New Mexico stay, or go? That's the question thousands of citizens would like answered by the BRAC commission after hearing testimony from those in favor of keeping Cannon.

Spirits were high considering thousands of citizens could lose the lifeline of their community. Teacher, Tracy Gregg says, "Clovis won't be the same without the air force base." Another resident said, "I got a job out there and I need my job."

Politicians presented their case to BRAC commissioners asking them to look beyond the numbers. Governor Bill Richardson said, "People are waiving flags, showing their patriotism. They have dedicated their lives to Cannon."

Some believe it was because of the 1,200 people carrying signs to "Keep Cannon" that CAFB might have a chance to stay open.

One commissioner said, "I'd like to take this opportunity to thank thousands of involved citizens who have already contacted the commission and shared their thoughts." The BRAC commission was so impressed with the outcry from Clovis citizens 7 out of 9 commissioners showed up to the hearing, better attendance than any other hearing before.

The decision making process will now begin but the Clovis community feels confident their government heard their voices. Tracy Gregg says, "Hopefully it made an impact and they'll see what it means to Clovis."

Arizona and Nevada also gave testimony in favor of keeping Cannon open. The BRAC will make their final decision this August.

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