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Police Expect Battle on Ecstasy to be Tough

Two weeks after Lubbock teen, Thomas Mallory, died from apparent complications related to taking Ecstasy, police say the case is bringing the drug's prevalence to the forefront. They know the drug is here, but they don't have much information about it's use in Lubbock. That's because of the age group that uses it.

Ecstasy is apparently very popular among juveniles and that makes combating its use somewhat more difficult than other drugs because it's difficult to gather information from teens.

Police encourage anyone who has information about people using or dealing "X," to contact authorities. They are also encouraging parents to warn their children of it's dangers. Lt. James Shavers with the Department's Narcotics division says, "It's here. It's bad and now is a time to sit down with your kids and talk about it."

Lieutenant Shavers says what little information they have about Ecstasy indicates the drug originates in Europe and funnels through the Metroplex before making its way to Lubbock. An investigation into the recent death of 16-year-old Thomas Mallory is providing new leads on dealers in Lubbock.

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