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Could a Lubbock Court Grant Callie Long a New Trial?

On Friday, Lubbock District Judge Jim Bob Darnell heard reasons as to why Callie Long should get a new trial. Long's Attorney, Dan Hurley, filed the motion last month, just weeks after she was convicted.

A jury has already convicted long for intoxication manslaughter for driving drunk and killing a man on his bicycle. Hurley believes his client did not get a fair trial alleging different circumstances. Hurley presented evidence that there was possibly jury misconduct. One juror called to testify, told the court how another juror was contacted by phone after the Long verdict, but before the punishment phase. The caller said she was glad the jury found Long guilty because she heard "Long had a problem with alcohol."

Hurley also asked jurors to talk about how the charges were hard to understand because of "double negatives" used in the grammer. One juror testified, "I felt like I was forced to make a guilty verdict." Hurley also brought up the victims' memorial on the courthouse lawn and how he felt it could have swayed jurors into making a guilty verdict.

Special Prosecutor Rod Hobson tried to quash the motion several times, but Judge Darnell rejected Hobson's requests. Hurley plans to call three more witnesses Tuesday at 1:15 p.m. in Judge Darnell's court. That's when a decision for a new trial is expected.

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