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TTU Officials Consider Moving A&M Game to Dallas

Texas A&M comes to Lubbock every other year, but if the game moves to the Metroplex, local businesses would lose thousands of dollars since thousands of fans and former students would not be coming here for the game.

The Chamber of Commerce is now asking its members to measure the impact that one weekend has on business and the local economy.

"It's definitely a huge part of what we profit off of throughout the year, and just what everybody else enjoys doing," said Adam Lunsford, Chimy's Manager. Lunsford says it's always a full house for the A&M game. In fact, they often have to open the front yard in order to accommodate all the fans, and all employees are expected to work.

Thousands of fans and former students put $8 million into the local economy when the Aggies come to town, and some are first time visitors.

"As far as bringing in new people to spend money and spend that money in our economic situation here in town, so that's why this game is so important," says Eddie McBride, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce President.

Along with the "Double T" and your favorite hang out, tailgating and football games are near the top of the list when it comes to Tech traditions. "Why would we put one of our best games and move it to Dallas? That's five hours away, that's not even close to being a home game," says Lunsford.

If Lunsford and many other fans have their way, nothing will change. "I think to move it anywhere else would be just stupid. I can't believe they're even thinking about it, but that's just me," says Lunsford.

Texas Tech Athletic Director Gerald Myers tells NewsChannel 11, "we are just in preliminary discussions and we prefer not to comment right now."

McBride tells us Tech has agreed to take the findings of their surveys into consideration. However, a high ranking tech official tells NewsChannel 11 the game will *not* move to Dallas.

Do you think the Texas Tech/A&M football game should be moved out of Lubbock?
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