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Former Raider Reds unmasked during ceremony

Photo Courtesy of: Texas Tech Photo Courtesy of: Texas Tech

During the annual Passing of the Guns Ceremony, two Texas Tech students, Zachary Williams and Brac Hartman, were revealed as the Raider Red mascot for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Williams, a junior mechanical engineering major from El Paso, and Hartman, a sophomore engineering major from Lubbock, made a combined total of 387 appearances as Raider Red throughout the year, according to a Tech news release.

The mascot also traveled to to Los Angeles to film a commercial to ESPN and AT&T, went to the state capitol in Austin for Tech System Day and went to various other athletic events. 

"Being up there with the cheer squad in front of all those people was incredible," Williams said. "When we found out we won, I actually took Raider Red into the ocean. I just got the boots wet, but that was an incredible experience."

Besides serving as the mascot both students were also part of the Saddle Tramps, a male spirit organization at Tech. This is also along with being full time students. 

With the revelation of their identities comes new students taking over as Red Raider. Those announcements will be made during next year's Passing of the Guns Ceremony. 

"It's not just a one-person job, it's not just a two-person job," Hartman said. "Without the assistants, it'd be a whole different thing."

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