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County Commissioners Set To Hear Arguments Over Victims' Memorial

The controversy of the Victims' Memorial on the Lubbock County Courthouse lawn continues. Many Lubbock defense attorneys want the memorial removed. Monday, Lubbock County Commissioners will hear a presentation from criminal defense attorney Alton Griffin and also receive a letter from the president of the Lubbock Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

In just a few hours the commissioners will hear arguments over the memorial. You may remember the monument was dedicated back in April during Crime Victim's Week. It's meant to honor victims of all crimes, but it's what's inscribed on the monument that's causing controversy. It has a quote that reads: "Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." The letter states the association is not against the memorial but against placing it on the courthouse property.

Here is a portion of the letter regarding this quote: ..."the memorialization of such a philosophy on the courthouse square near the front entrance of the courthouse, sends the wrong message to all that justice will be served only when citizens are outraged at the plight of other citizens who, either rightly or wrongly, perceive themselves as victims of crime and could create a mob mentality toward a citizen accused of a crime."

Attorneys argue the inscription could influence a jurors decision in a criminal trial. Mother's Against Drunk Driving, the District Attorney's Office, DPS and Victim's Services worked together to get the memorial placed on the courthouse lawn, but it's the County Commissioners who will decide if it will stay on the lawn or not.

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