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HealthWise at 5 From 6.27

  • Laser Danger

Classrooms and lecture halls are full of laser pointers used to direct attention to the screen, but a new study finds that users need to be careful when using one color in particular. In a study, Mayo Clinic Opthalmology researchers investigated the effect of a green laser pointer on the eye. The researcher found that retinal damage occurred within seconds of laser exposure. The researchers say previous studies with red laser pointers did not find damage.

  • Big Daddy

Some new research finds kids are affected by which parent they eat meals with most often, with some getting heavier than they should. Texas A&M University sociology researchers have found that the more time kids spend with moms, the better their diets and the less obesity among children. However, when dad is the primary caregiver, kids are more likely to be overweight. The researchers are trying to pin down the things dads are doing that may be causing this, though they speculate that there may be excessive couch time involved.

  • MetricCap

Trying to squeeze out just a dollop or pea-size amount from a tube isn't always easy, and if you're supposed to use a measured amount, it's even trickier. However, a new cap could change all that. Metricap makes squeezing the right amount fool-proof by dispensing an exact, prescribed amount into a reservoir. Once the cap is filled, then it closes off and no more product will come out. The metricap is currently available abroad, though the company is exploring use in the United States. More information is available at (

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