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A Low-Fat Diet Could Help Fight Against Breast Cancer

Diet could play a huge role in keeping breast cancer survivors free of a relapse.

That's the conclusion of a study that followed nearly 2,500 breast cancer survivors for 10 years. About 1,000 of them reduced their fat intake to an average of just 33 grams of fat a day. Turns out post-menopausal women with early-stage breast cancer saw a 24% decrease in cancer recurrence just by adopting a low fat diet.

The results were even more dramatic among women with what's called estrogen receptor-negative cancers. "Which is a worse cancer. It, has a higher incidence of recurrence. They actually had a 42% lowering of their recurrence," says Dr. William Farrar at James Cancer Hospital.

More research is underway, but in the meantime, researchers say cancer survivors may be empowered by improving their prognosis with low-fat changes in their diet.

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