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3-Year-Old Boy Receives Amtryke

The Sosa family came to Texas Tech's Merket Alumni Center Monday looking for a miracle.

With three healthy children already, little Joshua came into the world early but perfectly healthy. Then, at seven months, he contracted meningitis. He survived, but with some brain damage. Doctors told the family they were uncertain if he would ever walk or even talk again, but look at Joshua today.

With extensive physical therapy, he is three years old and just recently started walking, and Monday, the Lubbock Ambucs Club presented Joshua with his very own toddler-style Amtryke, that he can pedal with his hands.

"It's just overwhelming. We are so happy he tries to do everything the other kids do and with this hopefully he can get out with the rest of the kids around the neighborhood and do what every 3 year old does. I am very grateful. My whole family is. We really appreciate so much," says Rosa Sosa mother.

"It's really great working with the therapists because they let us know what the kids need," says Patty Vannon Ambucs Southwest Region Director.

Patty says all three Ambucs Chapters in Lubbock have given more than 25 Amtrykes to children in need this year, but nationwide, more than5,000 youngsters have been given these special wheels since the Amtrykes were first developed by the Longview chapter.

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