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Lubbock DA Responds To Controversy Over Victim's Memorial

A monument outside the Lubbock County Courthouse is sparking a controversy.

The Criminal Defense Lawyers Association wants the Victim's Memorial stone removed from the courthouse lawn. The Lubbock Victim's Coalition, made up of Mother's Against Drunk Driving, DPS, the DA's office and Victims Services, worked to get the victim's memorial placed on the courthouse lawn.

Lubbock District Attorney Bill Sowder says he doesn't believe it has had a direct impact on jury verdicts. "Our conviction rate has gone down since the monument went up so I don't think it's that big of a factor," said Sowder.

Sowder went on to say the monument was put there in good faith, but he'll support whatever is right. A tentative meeting among victims groups, attorneys, and the commissioners has been scheduled for this week.

Lawyers Ask County Commissioners to Remove Victims Monument
They've stated their case to the Lubbock County Commissioners, now the Criminal Defense Lawyers Association is waiting for an answer.

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