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Lubbock mixed martial arts studio teaching kids to stand up against bullies

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Sadly, it's something we hear about often.

According to the National Bullying Prevention Center - in 2016, more than one out of every five students reported being bullied in one way or another.

That's more than 20 percent.

Here in Lubbock, there's a specific class at a mixed martial arts studio geared toward reducing those numbers.

And it all begins with five simple words: "I don't want any trouble."

At Eagle's Nest Mixed Martial Arts studio, students are learning how to be more than athletes, they're also learning how to stand up to bullies.

"The most important thing is learning how to say something and be somebody that does something about it," says Shannon Morton, a co-owner and instructor at Eagle's Nest.

For Morton, along with co-owner and lead instructor Anselmo Martinez, their goal is to teach their students, not just with defensive maneuvers, but through conflict resolution.

"I don't want any trouble, you let them know right off the bat that we don't wanna hurt people," Martinez says.

The lessons learned in this gym are not just helping students with physical skills, but on an emotional level as well.

One student says it gives her courage, while another says the classes give her energy, and a boy says he feels comfortable at Eagle's Nest.

Martinez says the lessons learned on the mat aren't just reserved for students, but that they're available for parents as well.

"It's important that parents are willing to take a stand. The old saying is that if you don't fall for something, you'll fall for anything. They need to stand up for their kids," Martinez says.

If you're interested in the anti-bullying classes, Eagle's Nest is located at 5278 34th Street, near Marsha Sharp Freeway. Their number is (806) 687-6671.

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