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Texas Cancer Council

It is called the Texas Cancer Council, and it's a newly formed group of more than 70 experts statewide, including doctors and others here in Lubbock. They are all mad about cancer, so they are designing a battle plan to promote awareness, prevention, early detection and treatment.

A strong voice on the council is Dr. Davor Vugrin, a Lubbock Oncologist. "My goal and I hope in my lifetime that i will see cancer disappear as a major cause of illness and mortality," says Dr. Vugrin.

If the numbers continue like last year, we could lose 37,000 Texans to cancer this year. Dr. Vugrin says hopefully, the Texas Cancer Council will work to encourage and educate Texans on preventing cancer altogether.

The Texas Cancer plan is available online, just click here. For a print or CD-ROM copy, contact The Texas Cancer Council at (512) 463-3190 or by e-mail at tcc@tcc.state.tx.us.

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