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Hiding the High

In the past few weeks, teenagers have told NewsChannel 11 drugs are easy to get and easy to hide. Now, kids are no longer hiding drugs in their pockets and sock drawers. NewsChannel 11 has learned there are scores of clever items out their designed to help kids hide their high.

George Comiskey, Associate Director at Texas Tech University's Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery says, "They're gonna find creative innovative ways to get by with what they're doing." When you ask Comiskey if he is shocked at some of the things he sees, he says, "Oh, they're so creative. You're just blown away by the ways they're able to secure this stuff."

They may look like regular items you'd have at home but upon taking a closer look they're not so regular. Comiskey says Lubbock teens are using the art of deception to conceal drugs. "You wouldn't think anything about this here...it's a Sierra Mist and you just lift it open and there you have a little container that allows you to put your drugs in, you're paraphernalia in," he explains.

All a kid has to do is screw the top off a Sunkist can and pop out his drug of choice...and what about an innocent looking can of hair spray? It too can have a hiding spot. And don't let the sound of chips inside fool you, it might not be an ordinary can of Pringles. "Again, the bottom comes open and there's a really good sized container," says Comiskey .

All of the items are legal and anyone can buy them because they're advertised as "safes" for valuables. NewsChannel 11 intern Nikki Pesecky proved just how easy it is to buy them right here in Lubbock. All it took was a quick visit to a local head shop. "I got a coffee cup. This comes off and there's a little compartment to hide your stash or whatever. Because I asked for something in my car while I'm driving in case I'm pulled over," said Pesecky.

The store attendant also helped Nikki buy a "safe" that looks like a stack of CD's, and they had even more to choose from. Nikki told us, "Everything from salt shakers, to starch containers, to jock itch spray, shaving cream, cans of soup and vegetables."

So far we've just talked about containers, "Then you get to the paraphernalia... something used to actually smoke or use the drug. This is your lipstick container. It looks like most women would use and has a one use marijuana pipe in it," says Comiskey. It's the same story with a fully functioning highlighter that contains a pipe and a pink pen conceals a tool to cut up drugs.

Comiskey says new hiding places will evolve. He urges parents to keep up with the changes and don't hesitate to snoop. "We live in a time, as we've seen recently, where it's just too dangerous to take that pause," he says.

Comiskey stresses the most important thing is to have an open relationship with your child and tell them you'll snoop through their room, their bag, their car. Tell them you do it because you love them, not because you don't trust them.

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