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NewsChannel 11 Obtains 911 Call and Police Video Leading to a Kidnapping/ Stolen Vehicle Arrest

In an instant, a routine stop at the convenience store turned into a nightmare for a Lubbock mother the evening of Friday, June 24th. She went into the Diamond Shamrock at 50th and Slide leaving her vehicle running with her toddler inside. Seconds later the vehicle was stolen, and her son was still inside. Only on NewsChannel 11, you'll see the in-car police video and hear the 9-1-1 call.

It was supposed to be a quick run into the store for Angela Newman, and she left her 3-year-old son inside the running car. Not a minute later, the vehicle and her son were gone.

In a call to 9-1-1 Newman said, "She took off with my car, and my 3-year-old son is in there."

Thirty-three-year-old Trina Cochran headed south down Slide Road with Newman's car and her son. Newman said, "I watched her open up the car door and I took off running outside screaming at her."

Two customers chased after Cochran in their vehicles, both talked to 9-1-1 dispatchers throughout the 10 minute chase. One caller said, "A woman came screaming out of the convenience store that this other woman stole her car, jumped in her car with her kid in it. I'm chasing this woman right now."

About halfway through the chase, the suspect became trapped in the parking lot of the Silver Village Apartments. She then hit a pedestrian also trying to help and then proceeded.

The caller said, "Oh, she just ran over another guy trying to stop her. She ran into a pedestrian that was trying to stop her. This woman looks really crazy. She's got this real psycho... psycho stare on her."

That caller followed Cochran to the stopping point near Slide and 24th, where police arrested her. Newman said, "If it wasn't for the help of those guys, there's no telling how this would've ended."

Her son was returned safely, but Newman said she'll never again take a shortcut. "Sometimes the way I feel, it's an inconvenience to get them out of the car seat when you're going in for one thing, but suffer with it."

Police later found a knife in Cochran's purse. She now has five charges against her including aggravated kidnapping and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

The pedestrian she ran into was not injured, neither was Newman's son.

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