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HealthWise at 5 From 6.29

  • MS and Cancer Drug

Patients with a progressive form of multiple sclerosis are testing a drug originally developed to treat cancer. Doctors at the University of Texas, Southwestern in Dallas are using Rituxan for patients with a form of MS called "primary progressive." This kind of MS is marked by steadily worsening symptoms, compared to types that don't progress as fast. Rituxan is FDA approved for treating some cancers, and works on the immune system by depleting a cell that is linked to the auto immune disease.

  • Natural Repellant

'Tis the season to fend off mosquitoes, and bug pros recommend using insect repellents containing deet and other approved chemicals to do the job. However, some websites tout more "natural" methods to wage mosquito battles, like menthol vapor rubs and fabric softener sheets. The question is, do they work? The Ontario Ministry of health says it's unlikely any of the so called home remedies will work. While they might not hurt you, those methods won't keep the bugs at bay either.

  • Gentle Wake-Up

If you're tired of getting jarred awake from a blaring alarm clock, this new device might seem like a dream come true! Axon sleep research laboratories has developed the Sleepsmart Alarm Clock. The headband reads your REM or rapid eye movements while you sleep. Within a 15 to 20 minute gap of your set alarm time, the headband communicates to the clock when you're in your lightest stage of sleep. At that point, the alarm is triggered. The technology should be available later this year for marketing.

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