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The Forever Flashlight: Does it Work?

Finally, an invention where you just shake something in order for it to work. This product is called the Forever Flashlight. When you shake it for 30 seconds, it’s supposed to generate a strong magnetic field that powers something mysterious inside this thing.

Here's it in action. To the left, you'll see the light of a regular flashlight. On the right is the forever flashlight. I noticed it had a blue tint to it and it wasn't as bright as the other light.

Here's more to show you. Take a look how the Forever Flashlight lights up this trash can. You can see it just fine. But until you take a regular flashlight, you really see the difference.

If you use it for guiding, the Forever Flashlight will work, but the regular one will probably light up your path much better. But I will say this: the Forever Flashlight will never need batteries and that's a plus in my book.

The makers also claim it can do something that most flashlights can do. Let's see if that's really true though. Will it sink or swim? We've got a floater!

Although the light didn't seem to be as bright, I like the reliability of it. It works!

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