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Multiple vehicles damaged in Central Lubbock vandalism spree

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Source: KCBD Video Source: KCBD Video

Residents in a Central Lubbock neighborhood are searching for answers following a string of vehicle vandalism incidents on Mother's Day.

Lubbock police are investigating the damage, which started near 37th Street and Quaker and extends west all the way to Utica.

Residents we spoke with say more than anything they're confused as to what the motive was behind this seemingly random act.

"Our neighbor had gotten done walking her dogs and going out for doughnuts, came back and saw that the back window of our car was smashed," says Kristen Holcomb, a victim of the vandalism.

"I walked out and the window was just busted," says Cheyene Powell.

 For neighbors Holcomb and Powell, Sunday's act of violence was completely unexpected.

"We've lived here five years and we've never, ever had anything happen," Holcomb says.

"I've never had any trouble living here, I've never had anyone steal anything," Powell says.

But it seems Sunday's vandalism had nothing to do with theft.

"Nothing was taken out of the car, it didn't look like anybody was trying to get into the car, they just wanted to do damage," Holcomb says.

"I had quite a bit of stuff that could have been stolen, but nothing was stolen," Powell says.

Lubbock police say they're investigating at least five reports of criminal mischief, which are likely related.

But, investigators aren't the only ones digging for answers.

"We have the camera, so we've been offering, we'll look up the footage – and provide it if it would help," Holcomb says.

Police say the windows were likely shot out by a BB gun.

Holcomb says despite likely being out hundreds of dollars, there is a silver lining to this rain cloud.

"Everybody was stopping, trying to talk, trying to figure out, what time could this have happened? I didn't see it before I went to church, so it had to have happened between this time and this time. So, everybody's trying to help each other out, which is really nice to see."

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