Consider This: Remember the sacrifices and Back the Blue

Monday night the White House was lit in blue to commemorate May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day.

We live in a time when it is increasingly dangerous to be a Peace Officer, and when those officers find themselves under enhanced scrutiny.

We hold police to the highest standard and expect flawless decision-making under life-threatening circumstances.

Every action is under examination and most of it happens on video. Very few can withstand the constant pressure. Yet, the men and women of law enforcement continue to serve honorably.

Are they perfect? Of course not.

But the fact is, the overwhelming majority of law enforcement are outstanding men and women who choose to serve our community.

Consider this...when we back the blue, we are supporting the rule of law. We support those who serve honorably and who often are under-compensated for that service.

The breakdown of law and order does not come from bad cops; it comes when society fails to respect and value the job that peace officers do.

Please, take a moment to remember those who have given their lives, as well as those who put it all on the line every day.

I Back the Blue...and I hope you will to.

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