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LPD to survey crime scenes with new eye in the sky

Source: KCBD VIdeo Source: KCBD VIdeo
Officer Tony Leal, LPD (Source: KCBD Video) Officer Tony Leal, LPD (Source: KCBD Video)
Source: KCBD Video Source: KCBD Video

The Lubbock Police Department has a new piece of equipment... you'll be able to spot in the sky.

Similar to a drone, investigators say they'll be able to get a clearer aerial view of crime scenes.

The department tells us they are still in training.

They say they are making sure they are following regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration. But, once it is up and running, it could save the department in manpower and money.

"Documenting a crime scene really comes into play," says Lubbock Police Officer Tony Leal.

He says they have had the small unmanned aerial system (SUAS) for about a year now.

"We can actually cover a lot more ground in a lot less time," he explains.

Right now, the department is strictly operating it for training purposes. But, they have taken real life scenarios to practice.

"There are many types of uses that we could pull it out for,” Leal says. “The reason why it was purchased mainly was for crime scene photography, aerial photography, videography, and you know the aerial documentation of the crime scene."

He tells us the device cannot capture audio and wants the community to know, it’s not a surveillance tool.

Officer Leal says two officers are needed to operate the SUAS for safety precautions. While one operates the device, the other is a lookout.

He says the device will help the department save.

"Saving man power, tax payer dollars and freeing up those resources so that they can be used elsewhere in the investigation," he says.

Leal tells us he is not exactly sure when they will transition between the training phase into officially using it for investigations, while they make sure they are abiding by FAA’s regulations. 

Lubbock Police says the device cost just under $5,000 and was paid for with grant money. 

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