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Lubbock Fire Department giving fire hydrants a new paint job

LFD re-painting fire hydrants (Source: KCBD) LFD re-painting fire hydrants (Source: KCBD)

Lubbock Fire Department has been out giving fire hydrants around the city a paint job. 

Citizens may have noticed that these hydrants aren't the familiar color anymore. 

LFD has recently gone back to a full National Fire Protection Association specification system where they are trying to identify the top of the fire hydrant to the amount of water flow that they get.

"Under the new NFPA, we actually identify hydrants that flow more than 1500 hundred gallons a minute because that makes a huge difference on how much fire we can fight based on that," LFD division chief, Steve Holland, said.

Being able to easily identify these hydrants can save crucial time during a fire.

"On a large structure, or if we had something where we needed a whole lot of water for fire suppression, we know by looking at a hydrant whether we need one hydrant, maybe we need two hydrants based on the amount of water that we're going to need," Holland said.

You could see some hydrants with the normal red top, some with an orange top, and then there are some with a green top. And, the one you are seeing more often now have a blue top. 

These blue tops signify the hydrants that have the water flow of more than 1500 gallons per minute.

"Around town, there are a lot of those and that's why we're seeing a lot of these blue tops now," said Holland. "But, that just means we have a good water supply."

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