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City sees increase in illegal dumping

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As the time has come for students around the South Plains to move out of their residence halls, apartments and houses, the city of Lubbock has seen an increase in what they call illegal dumping.

However, for those leaving the trash there may be no concern, but residents may be footing the bill for other people's misdeeds. The city fines those who dump illegally, which in this case is usually large items like sofas that are left in alley-ways.

"Especially around this time, we have a lot of students from the different universities here that are either moving out," Penny Morin, solid waste manager for collections for the City of Lubbock, said. "We'll have residents call and say, 'someone placed a mattress against my fence instead of putting it by the dumpster, they placed it closer to the fence.'"

The city encourages residents to move large items like tables, sofas and couches to the four citizen convenience stations in Lubbock. Or, they can call (806)775-2482 and give information on what they are dumping.

"They can bring them out here," Morin said. "That will alleviate placing those items in the alley, illegally dumping them by the dumpster."

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