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$66,000 of Fireworks Stolen From a Stand to Benefit Students

It happened at a firecracker stand on the Slaton highway two miles outside of Lubbock. Law authorities need your help finding the person who did it. Lubbock Cooper High School parents and students are trying to piece it together themselves. This is what they know.

Who ever did it took bolt cutters, removed four locks the first time. The second time, heavy braided wire was broken. They hopped in, what they think was a truck and took off with the goods.

Kim Parrish and Myles Hunter say it had to take a couple of strong men to pull off this firecracker heist. "It’s difficult to open, it's heavy," says Kim as she was trying to open the trailer door. Whoever did this had to cut through heavy metal and carry off boxes that stood three feet tall. Sixteen of them were stolen.

"It takes our bigger high school kids to pick it up. I can't even pick it up," Kim said. That wasn't all of it. A total of $66,000 in fireworks vanished, but the suspects left behind some evidence. "I guess after trying to cut open the locks, one of them cut themselves and left blood behind. The officers took it in for evidence," said Kim.

Kim said the trailer was full and now it is empty. She says Lubbock Cooper High School Athletes count on this fundraising business to buy the things they need for the school year. "It would have been nice to get new informs," said freshman Myles Hunter.

This year though, the athletic department may not get the new equipment they need, or the new workout room, but it's not discouraging them. They want to keep selling in hopes to make up what they lost.

The TNT Corporation is offering a $500 reward to any one who can lead them to a conviction. If you have any information that could help, call the Lubbock County Sheriffs Department at (806) 775-1400.

When the suspects are caught, they face felony charges.

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