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Food Bank Farm hopes for shareholders to purchase produce this summer

Source: KCBD Video Source: KCBD Video
Source: KCBD Video Source: KCBD Video

The Carolyn Lanier Youth Farm is preparing for a summer of youth workers and fresh produce sales! The five-acre farm is a program of the South Plains Food Bank.

The GRUB program employs local students, teaching them deeper life skills as they work. The program director, Lynn Weir, says the students in this program have been running the Food Bank's farm each summer for about 15 years.

Now they need people to buy their crops. Lynn says they look for community shareholders who will purchase produce from the farm in order to pay their student employees. This farm does not take any money away from the South Plains Food Bank. 

The shareholders will then be able to fill bags of fresh produce, whatever variety they would like, and pick up the fresh food every Thursday and Friday this summer. 

Shareholders end up with hundreds of pounds of produce by the end of summer. The cost is $325 for a half share and $550 for a full share. People should contact Lynn Weir with the South Plains Food Bank for more information.  

You can learn more information on the program and how they grow this food by watching our Facebook Live out at the farm.

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Additional information provided by the South Plains Food Bank

GRUB-Growing Recruits for Urban Business

  • The GRUB Program at the South Plains Food Bank is designed to teach youth, ages 14 to 21, life and job skills using our farm and community gardens as a backdrop to educate.
  • The Food Bank’s Carolyn Lanier Youth Farm, located at 76th Street and Avenue B in Lubbock, is the primary work site for the GRUB program. Work includes garden planning, soil preparation, maintaining or installing irrigation systems, planting seeds and young plants, nurturing, harvesting, and marketing the produce. As youth progress in GRUB, they produce and market a value-added product, giving them experience in marketing and small business operations. The program also provides classes on nutrition, applying for a job, and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • The GRUB Program also offers employment during the summer to youth who have proved to be hard workers and are interested in a deeper connection to our program. The youth who work in the summer for GRUB have their stipends paid for by our Community Supported Agriculture shares. 
  • GRUB aims to develop the whole person with an educational component that includes topics such as horticulture, nutrition, money management and other life and job skills issues. The GRUB staff is committed to nurturing and educating the youth involved in our program. We welcome referrals of “at-risk” teens. A large portion of the labor involved in the GRUB Program comes from volunteers. Youth from schools, churches, civic groups, and clubs are encouraged to volunteer with us.
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