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Texas Lt. Gov. calls for special legislature session to focus on bathroom bill

Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, is calling for a special session of the state legislature

This comes as House Speaker, Joe Straus, announced today that he won't work anymore on the bathroom bill he says is targeting transgender people.

Patrick's call for a special session comes as the legislature is set to adjourn Monday. However, Straus announced today the house will not appoint members to negotiate with the Senate on its proposed compromise on a "bathroom bill".

Straus said it is "absurd" how much time lawmakers have spent prioritizing efforts to pass a North Carolina-style law. The legislation Patrick is pushing for, also known as House Bill 28-99, would require a person to use the restroom that matches their gender at birth.

Straus says he's worried if the bill passes, Texas would lose economic drivers, including sports events from coming to  the Lone Star State. 

However, Patrick said not allowing this bill to pass is morally wrong.

"He laid down the gauntlet tonight and I don't think the people of Texas and I hope the members of the house are gonna tolerate one man, standing alone, behind a microphone telling his members what they're going to do," Patrick said. 

House bill 2899 has 80 co-authors.

While Patrick is asking for a special session, the only person who can legally call one into session is Governor Greg Abbott.

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