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69th annual Memorial Day Ceremony at Resthaven Funeral Home

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Monday morning, at Resthaven Funeral Home, community members came together to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. 

"Today is about remembering. Remembering the men and women who wrote that check to our country that was up to their life," Clemmie Payne, U.S. Navy veteran, said. "And, letting them know that they will not be forgotten. It's not just about barbecues and backyards, which is fun too. But it's about remembering, as you see all these flags out these flags out here, are people who went before us and said, "we'll stand up in front of that flag for ya."

This is the 69th year Resthaven has hosted a Memorial Day ceremony.

"Here at Resthaven, we take Memorial Day very seriously," Tom Jordan, general manager, said. "We have over five thousand veterans that are buried here in our park and it's a great honor to be able to come together with the community each and every year, this year for the 69th year time, to commemorate and honor those who gave their lives in American wars."

Among the many who gathered to honor the fallen, it was the veterans who were at the event that have a totally different feeling about Memorial Day than many other people could have.

"I thought I was a proud American before I served, afterward it was a whole different meaning to me," Payne said. "The flag means so much more to me now and the freedom that I get to exercise every day because of these men and women out here, means the world to me." 

Cutter Hudson, age nine, was one of the many young kids in attendance who proudly honored the  fallen.  

"It means to me that they sacrificed their lives for us people to have our freedom," Hudson said. 

And, for those young kids to understand what today stands for, is something veterans are very proud of.

"For their parents to bring their kids out and their kids to understand this, is what it's about. Freedom is a price, there's a price to it, and some of these folks paid the ultimate price, but the kids are learning that this is what America is about. This is what it means to be free," Payne said.

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