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Big changes at Carpenter's Church

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Carpenter's Church in Lubbock will now be called Open Door. They made the announcement at a ribbon-cutting Tuesday morning.

Carpenter's Church has been helping the homeless community in Lubbock for over 20 years, but with recent growth in their programs moving the homeless into housing, to opening a wellness clinic, they thought some changes needed to be made.

"Recognizing the growth and all of that and the new changes that have been taking place in what we are, we felt like a name change would help capture the diversity of things that are going on within this organization," said Chad Wheeler, executive director of Open Door.

The Open Door Wellness Clinic for the homeless will be opening in the Fall.

Open Door says there are 432 homeless people in Lubbock. Of those, 85 are considered chronically homeless and by the end of the year, they hope to house 30 of those people.

Their ultimate goal is to end homelessness in Lubbock altogether.

"I really believe it's possible that we can end chronic homelessness in Lubbock," Wheeler said. "That doesn't mean that people won't have momentary crisis, everyone will at some point, but the goal within homelessness is to prevent homelessness whenever possible and when it's not possible to ensure that is rare, brief, and non reoccurring," Wheeler said.

The Open Door Housing program has changed the lives of many people who have spent most of their lives on the street.

"It's changed my life tremendously. The help I have been given and receiving and still getting from the people that love me," said Walter Paschal, an Open Door resident.

Paschal moved into one of the houses in October of 2016. Prior to that, he spent most of his nights in a tent.

"It's very comfortable, safe and comfort, I feel human again," Paschal said. "I've been living out on the streets for 22 years and now having a safe place to lay my head and not worry about no one attacking me or nothing."

With their five year goal to end homelessness, Wheeler says there is a lot more to be done. He wants to encourage people to get involved.

And for anyone who may be down on their luck, Open Door has a place for you.

"Come. Because they can help if they want help. They can, because I needed help 22 years ago to learn more about God and how God's way is the life and living good," Paschal said.

You can find more about Open Door on their website,

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