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Texas Tech facing budget decrease of nearly 4 percent

(Source: Texas Tech University) (Source: Texas Tech University)

In a letter sent to administrators, faculty and staff on Tuesday, Texas Tech University officials said the legislature's recently-passed budget for the next two years will lead to a decrease of nearly four percent to Tech's bottom line.

The letter, written in part by President Lawrence Schovanec, says the university will seek to maintain all facilty and staff positions that provide for instruction and academic support.

The letter also asks each college and administrative department of the university to decrease their annual budget by one percent each.

You can see the full text of the letter here:

TO: Administrators, Faculty and Staff

FROM: Lawrence Schovanec, President; Michael Galyean, Senior Vice President and Provost; Noel Sloan, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Chief Financial Officer

RE: FY 2018 Budget

As announced over the holiday weekend, the Texas Legislature passed a budget for the FY 2018-2019 biennium that included cuts for higher education. For Texas Tech University, the reduction is 3.8% for the biennium.

Our first priority is to maintain all academic faculty and staff positions that provide for instruction and academic support. To address the state budget cuts, no new commitments as requested in the College Budget Hearings held this past spring term will be funded at this time. We will carefully monitor institutional funding derived from growth in student credit hours taught during the fall. We hope that this will provide a source of funding to offset some of the imposed cuts and still enable us to address strategic priorities as well as the possibility for a mid-year merit pool.

We are requesting each College and Administrative Department to decrease its annual budget by 1%. The Budget Office will send revised budget targets to the respective Business Manager. We recommend that each area carefully look at how travel and food/entertainment expenses could be reduced to align with the reduction in budgets.

We will be contacting those with special line item funding separately to discuss the state cuts that range from 30-50% and the possible use of central resources to help mitigate the impact of these significant cuts.

The Office of the Provost will schedule meetings with each Dean as a follow up to the College Budget Hearings to discuss plans to support the current levels of expenditures and to address high-priority strategic growth items.

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