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Poppy and Daniel Pay It Forward: 5/31

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This week's Pay It Forward segment started out along 34th Street just east of University Avenue in Lubbock.

Poppy Beard with Unpack Ministries spotted our sign within minutes. She was traveling with Daniel when they spotted our Pay It Forward sign.

We asked Poppy who she wanted to help out. She checked with Daniel and they both decided that they wanted to help out Kimberly Brown.

Poppy explained that Unpack Ministries was a charity organization that helps out single mothers in the Lubbock area.

Poppy told us that Kimberly was a single mother with several health issues and struggles.

Poppy said, "We just want to give it to her."

We drove to Kimberly's workplace where we surprised her at work.

Poppy added, "I mean to tell you that she needs it. She deserves this."

With that, we proceeded to the front entrance of Kimberly's work place.

Poppy counted out $300 to Kimberly who was completely surprised.

We asked Kimberly what it felt like to receive $300 right now.

Kimberly said she felt blessed that they would think of her at a time like this.

Kimberly told us that she works very hard just to get by and that this would be a blessing to her right now.

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