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Hope Over Dope Lubbock outreach event hopes to help those struggling with addiction

(source: Hope Over Dope Lubbock Facebook page) (source: Hope Over Dope Lubbock Facebook page)
Founder, Erica Mergel, and her team talk about the plans for the event on Saturday (source: KCBD video) Founder, Erica Mergel, and her team talk about the plans for the event on Saturday (source: KCBD video)

Hundreds of volunteers are getting ready for a massive outreach event happening in Lubbock this weekend.

It’s called Hope Over Dope Lubbock, and the goal is to bring awareness to all of the resources our community has to help those suffering from addiction.

The event is happening this Saturday on a portion of Texas Avenue downtown from 25th street south toward I-27.

Organizers have secured permits from the city to barricade that area off, and they say they are looking forward to seeing the turnout.

“This has just been something that has been placed in my heart to do here in Lubbock,” Erica Mergel, founder of the event, said.

Mergel has been planning the Hope Over Dope outreach event for a year now. However, she is now a resident of Columbus Ohio, but she called Lubbock home throughout her childhood.

The motivation for this event comes from personal experiences.

“I’m from a background of addiction. Family members that struggle with addiction. I had my own battles with addiction here,” Mergel said.

She has since turned her life around completely. So when Mergel got the idea for this event, she reached out to her old friends in Lubbock.

Now she has a group of community members ready to help anyone in the Hub City who might be dealing with addiction themselves and direct them to the right resources.

Former addicts will give their testimonies, and nearly 30 local organizations that can help those struggling will line part of Texas Avenue with resource tables.  

“These organizations here in Lubbock have to work together. They cannot combat the drug problem here all on their own," Mergel said. "They have to work together in unity."

Before the event begins, Mergel and her team will go around and invite people to come and join them.

One of the places they plan to go is Paul’s Project, Grace Campus.

Executive Director, Chris Moore, says he believes something like this event is invaluable for the residents there.

“Obviously dealing with homeless we’re dealing with some drug issues, some alcohol issues and well, other issues," Moore said. "Anything that brings attention and people that want to help out is definitely beneficial, and huge."

Mergel says she hopes this brings healing to those who need it most.

“I know what drugs can do to a community, to a family. My heart is to bring restoration to a community, restoration to families. To bring hope to families," Mergel said. "To give people resources when they feel like there are none. Because there is help here in Lubbock for people to get the help that they need."

The outreach event is happening Saturday, June 3rd from 12-6 p.m.

For all of the information about this, visit the event Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HopeOverDopeLub/

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