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4th on Broadway a Huge Success

Lubbock sure threw one heck of a party this year for the nation's 229th birthday. 4th on Broadway event chair Theresa Vitela says, "We had probably 140,000 people at the street fair this year."

All those people surely left a mess behind but event workers and volunteers made it look like it never happened. Looking around Broadway the next day you would never know hundreds of thousand lined the streets. Clean up was done before sundown. Vitela says, "When the street fair is over, the street is dead. It's the best time to clean up. The city comes out with street cleaners and blowers."

70,000 people also packed McKenzie Park for a free concert. Then it was time for the finale. The bright colors and loud sounds of fireworks brought squeals of delight, but equally delightful to park goers is the sight and sound of clean-up. Vitela says, "During the fireworks and concert people are like 'Are you glad it's over, now you can rest...' Well, technically not. We were here til 2am." Matt Arnold, with Miller Pro Audio says, "Everyone has the 4th off and we have to work and we're ready to go home and get some rest."

It took a good part of Tuesday to restore McKenzie park to its pre-4th of July state and organizers will be happy to do it all over again next year. And just incase you're wondering how organizers estimate the number of people who attended this year's festivities, they use aerial pictures of the crowd broken into grids and a special mathematical formula.

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