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Food for Thought Report 7.7

It's lonely at the top this week for the Taco Villa at 7110 Quaker. It is the only restaurant in town that had zero critical violations during the last round of health inspections. 

Food for Thought 7.7
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 7/7/05.

Several other restaurants weren't so lucky. Starting with George's Restaurant #4.  The 2708 50th Street location had four critical voilations.

  • each of them were corrected on site.
  • ham and shredded cheese were stored above the required cold temperature
  • an open drink container was found in the food prep area. -ham and lunch meat were not properly datemarked.
  • and toxic items were not properly stored.

A manager tells NewsChannel 11 the toxic items were on a shelf they restaurant does not use anymore, they care very much about food safety and quality, and employees are trained on proper procedures.

The Window's Restaurant inside the Lubbock Inn at 3901 19th is a low performer again this week... also with four critical violations.

  • eggs were stored on a counter at 60 degrees.
  • raw chicken stored above and next to cooked rice created a cross contamination hazard
  • as did cooking utensils stored on a soiled surface.
  • ham, beef and beans were not datemarked.
  • and roaches were found throughout the facility.

All critical violations were corrected on site.  A manager could not be reached for comment.

The Burger King at 2002 50th is also a low performer. They had five critical violations.

  • employees were not washing thier hands between job duties.
  • ham was found in unsound condition.
  • employees were not sanitizing their hands before handling ready to eat foods.
  • bug spray was stored above food equipment and food contact surfaces.
  • and food contact surfaces were soiled.

All critical violations were corrected on site. A manager declined to comment.

Four critical violations inside Montelongo's restaurant at 3021 Clovis Road land them on the low performer list.

  • cooked rice and chicken were found above the required cold temperature.
  • cooked chicken on a stove was found at 113 degrees.
  • an employee was drinking and not washing hands before handling clean dishes.
  • and cooked barbacoa and sliced ham were not datemarked.

All critical violations were corrected on site. A manager says they strive everyday to keep a clean kitchen and they were following proper cooling procedures.

Together, our three final Food for Thought low performers combined for 20 critical violations. Flatlanders Restaurant at 2419 Broadway has to claim five of them..

  • beef, milk, salad dressing, cheese and other foods were held above the required cold temperature at flatlanders.
  • an employee was drinking in the food prep area and not washing hands.
  • cooked beans were not datemarked and the restaurant did not document when food is prepared and discarded for time control procedures
  • a cooler was missing a thermometer
  • and a potato slicer was soiled. All critical violations were corrected on site.

One of flatlander's owners says the inspector came when some of their equipment was broken. They threw out all the effected food and everything is back in order.

Whistlin' Dixie's seven critical violations make them a low performer too. The location at 8222 University was cited for:

  • improper cooling of brisket
  • potato salad and macaroni salad held above the required cold temperature.
  • cooked beans and baked potatoes held below the required hot tempatrue.
  • inadequate handwashing between job duties
  • a handwash facility with no soap and one with no papertowels
  • insecticide stored in the food prep area
  • and food contact surfaces that were soiled, chipped or cracked.

A manager tells newschannel 11 all the violations have been corrected. He says they had an electrical failure that was overlooked the day the inspector came, but they're back on track.

They're last on the list this week, but they certainly not least violations... Josie's at 3312 Avenue Q had eight criticals.

  • menudo, and fajitas were not being cooled properly
  • all potentially hazardous foods in the walk-in cooler were above the required cold temperature as were pasteurized liquid eggs on a counter.
  • cooked potatoes were below the required hot temperature.
  • an employee was not washing hands between tasks
  • a wet soiled rag was sitting in a food storage pan.
  • a restroom handsink was not supplied with papertowels.
  • flies were throughout the facility, ants were on the countertop, and dead roaches and roach eggs were found behind the soda fountain.
  • last, a thermometer in the reach in cooler was not reading the temperature properly.  

A manager at Josie's says all the violations were corrected immediately. They brought in a manager from another location to replace a manager who was on vacation at the Avenue Q location and they immediately held a meeting for all employees.

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