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What Went Wrong During Deadly Domestic Dispute?

Sharon wade called her son instead of calling police. Could the ending have been any different? NewsChannel 11 asked Women's Protective Services who offers advice to other women caught in this same situation.

Hattie Heiner works at the Lubbock Women's Shelter. She says a woman's biggest mistake is to not report domestic violence when it happens. "Sometimes it can make it worse. If police do respond, what happens if they don't arrest someone? They come back," said Hattie.

Hattie says this could be a reason why Sharon Wade did not call police when she saw her husband following her, but instead called her 19-year-old son for help. Gerald stabbed his step son when he tried to rescue his mother. “You never think that someone you loved or love is going to hurt you or anyone else," she said.

Hattie says the most dangerous time for couples is when they separate or file for divorce. She says the threat of violence triples during that time. She says that is when a person should never handle a situation by themselves. "Call police, call WPS, have some kind of back up and they can help," Hattie suggests.

We know that Sharon pulled off on the side of the road just outside of Ralls to confront her husband. Police suggest a better way of handling the situation could have been driving to a public place where someone could have helped.

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