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Woman working to get free Citibus rides for Lubbock veterans

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Amanda Musick (Source: KCBD Video) Amanda Musick (Source: KCBD Video)

Amanda Musick is the wife of a veteran, who often has trouble finding a ride.

Her husband was at the VA clinic in Lubbock, when he saw another veteran who was walking on two canes, and had to walk several miles to get there because the Disabled American Veterans didn't have a driver to get him there, and he didn't have the money to get on a Citibus.

After hearing this story, Amanda knew she wanted to help.

"What I'd like to see is like the students can get on the bus and show their ID and that's it. I would love for the veterans to be able to do that," Musick said. "Get on Citibus, show their VA ID and their ride is paid for, anywhere they want to go."

Texas Tech students ride for free because the university pays for the students as part of their fees.

Citibus would need a similar kind of sponsorship in order for veterans to ride for free,

"What we'd like to do is have a business or an organization underwrite the program. We're not really sure what ridership would be for that, but to have community support for veterans would be very beneficial for us to get the program started," said Citibus GM Maurice Pearl.

With help from the community, Citibus could easily set something up for the veterans in Lubbock.

"It would be easy for us to create a program internally to help the veterans out," Pearl said. "Whatever Citibus can do to assist in that program, we'd be more than happy to get on board, and get that program started."

For Amanda and her husband, a program like this would be a big help.

"Actually, we would ride it a lot. He would ride it all the time because we don't have a car, and our finances are not good. A lot of the time I'm walking and he can't, so if we can't find him a ride, he's out of luck."

Veterans are able to get free rides from the DAV if they have a scheduled appointment at the clinic.

For more information, or if you'd like to be a sponsor, contact this number: (806)-742-8897.

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