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Marijuana: The Gateway To Meth Addiction in Lubbock County

Lobbyists are calling on Congress for laws to cure what they call "an epidemic" in our country...methamphetamine use. The request comes after a nationwide survey found meth-related arrests increase 87% in three years. Those findings are raising questions about the meth problem in Lubbock.

Lubbock County DPS interviewed 100 meth addicts, 99 of them said the first drug they tried was marijuana and the addiction grew from there.

J.D. Brown, a detox program director, deals with drug users everyday. "We ask questions, when was the first time, what was the first drug. Marijuana and alcohol are at the top of the list and it usually begins at age 11 or 12," says Brown.

Marijuana is the most used narcotic in the nation with over 15 million users and the most used in Lubbock. Brown says users will start with marijuana and then try other drugs that their friends will ask them to try.

A third of the users in rehab use marijuana and another drug. Another third are addicted to methamphetamine. The good news is, meth manufacturing in Lubbock is on the decline. In 2003, LPD and DPS made 56 meth lab busts. That number significantly decreased to 17 in 2004 and so far this year, only seven labs have been destroyed.

Brown says the only way to stop the drug problem is to eliminate the demand. "If we help the addicts, there will not be a demand."

Law enforcement credits the lower meth labs to new city and state laws that restrict consumer buying of pseudoephedrine as well as public education on how to identify meth labs.

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