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First Person on the Scene of Murder/ Suicide Describes the Tragedy

One day after the murder, autopsy reports confirmed 39-year-old Sharon Wade died from multiple stab wounds. Her husband, 40-year-old Gerald Wade died from one self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Gerald Wade shot himself as he sat in his truck in the Kohl's parking lot in South Lubbock Tuesday morning after stabbing his wife to death along a highway near Ralls. That's also where he stabbed his stepson Mark Ellison, who reportedly arrived on the scene after his mother called for help.

Gerald Wade was following Sharon and her 12-year-old daughter Jennifer. Family members tell us Sharon asked Gerald for a divorce one week earlier.

The question now is what happened to Jennifer after she escaped the scene? NewsChannel 11 learned after Gerald killed his wife, he chased Jennifer into the fields. He gave up and left after he couldn't find her.

Passer-by Danny Marley was traveling along Highway 62-82 from Smyer around 1:30am Tuesday morning. He was going home to Crosbyton when he saw Sharon Wade lying on the side of the road. He assumes it was about 30 minutes after Gerald Wade left the scene. That's when Jennifer started pounding on Marley's vehicle door, yelling for him to help her mother.

Marley then got out of his vehicle and attempted to help. Based on what he saw, he says Sharon was beyond saving. "When I saw it, there wasn't no helping her. I went ahead and saw the other guy was bad, I needed help for him more than I did her," said Marley.

Marley said Mark Ellison was still conscious when he arrived, but was in bad shape. Mark is now in good condition at Covenant Medical Center. Jennifer Ellison was treated for minor injuries and released to family members Tuesday.

Marley was unable to call 911, but another woman who saw the scene made the call. NewsChannel 11 requested a copy of the call and we will bring it to you as soon as it becomes available.

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