Consider This: Buckle Up and Stop Texting!

Last week Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a ban against texting and driving.

This has been a long time coming. Texas is one of the last states to pass a law that common sense dictates should have been enrolled a decade ago.

It was eight years ago when Seagraves teenager Alex Brown was killed while texting and driving. KCBD worked with the Brown family to start the B.U.S.T. campaign: Buckle Up and Stop Texting.

That petition ultimately received more than one million signatures of teens nationwide who committed to put their phones down while driving.

Consider this: A ban on texting and driving will save lives, but there is more to be done.

Consistent and steady enforcement of the new law is critical if we are going to change behaviors.

Texting while driving isn't just bad manners, it's reckless and deadly.

We all can wait to send that smiley face emoji until we arrive at our destination.

As a society we have successfully stigmatized drinking and driving; it is time we understood that driving distracted is just as dangerous as driving intoxicated.

So when you get in the car, just remember, B.U.S.T.: Buckle Up and Stop Texting!

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