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KCBD VIDEO: Arrington says 'the game goes on' after Virginia shooting

Jodey Arrington (Source: KCBD Video) Jodey Arrington (Source: KCBD Video)
Rep. Joe Bartin with his son Jack (Source: KCBD Video) Rep. Joe Bartin with his son Jack (Source: KCBD Video)
Source: KCBD Graphic Source: KCBD Graphic

Five people are being treated for injuries and one congressman remains critical as of Wednesday evening, after a lone shooter opened fire at a Republican baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

Abner spoke live with Congressman Jodey Arrington about the attack.

Arrington said his thoughts immediately went to 6th District Congressman Joe Barton, who had his two sons with him at the practice field.

Barton, who is manager of the team, said the incident lasted five to 10 minutes and there were "dozens, if not hundreds of shots fired."

"Some of us were in the dugout, some of us were on the ground, some of us were behind the dugout. My son Jack got under an SUV, and he was very brave. My other son Brad was in the batting cage and he was also very brave."

Arrington praised the heroism and bravery of police on Twitter Wednesday morning and asked everyone to pray for Rep. Steve Scalise.

"Thank God it wasn't worse," Arrington said. "It could have been. I think it's just by the grace of God..."

"The guy just had them fenced in. I'm grateful that at this point nobody was killed and that people are on the mend. It's very sobering and certainly puts things in perspective," Arrington said.

Zach Barth, formerly an aide to Rep. Randy Neugebauer, currently an aide to Rep. Roger Williams, was also injured in the shooting. He was shot in the leg and is said to be recovering as of Wednesday night.

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Arrington expressed particular concern for Rep. Joe Barton and his 10-year-old son, Jack.

"You can only imagine having your son up there to experience what is a 100-year tradition, this Congressional baseball game, and then having this guy unload like that."

Arrington admitted that he's usually too busy to think about security, and that he really has not been the target of threats like some of his colleagues.

"Maybe some inappropriate language that was directed at me, but nothing that was life-threatening," he said.

Arrington said it was "sobering that this could happen any place to anybody."

But Arrington said the incident is "unifying us in a very emotionally-heated...election time. Today we were Americans first. We were praying together, we were consoling each other, as one congress and as Americans first. That perspective is very healthy right now."

And Arrington assures the public that the game they were practicing for will go on.

"The game goes on, you don't let thugs, punks, killers, crazy people that want to get us off what we do every day in our society...so yes, they're going to play the game, I think that's the right decision."

"This is a charitable event that also brings us together as Republicans and Democrats and those kind of relationships are important. You can't just be up here in committee meetings and debating, you need to break bread with people. I think it's very healthy, it's good for our country."

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