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Study Abroad Opportunities With Texas Tech University

For a college student deciding to come to Texas Tech University, it does not necessarily mean they will be spending all their time in Lubbock. If they choose, they could receive college credit for study abroad programs in more than 150 countries around the world.

Postcards and pictures from across different continents and oceans pour into Sandy Crosier’s office every day. Each one represents a Texas Tech student who is using this opportunity to study abroad.

"It is really hard to take six weeks or six months off from a job and go abroad for that length of time, and the longer you can be abroad, the better because you can be immersed in the culture and gain so much more," says Sandy Crosier an Overseas Opportunity Counselor

Texas Tech student Vicki Rusk used this opportunity to study Spanish for six weeks in Mexico.

"Just because you learn to think in other languages, and here you are speaking English all the time. It is hard for you to understand how the sentences are formulated and there you learn the language in your mind instead of just reading it in the book," says Vicki Rusk a Texas Tech Student.

Students going abroad can compete for scholarships or take out loans to pay for this type of program.

"The experience definitely outweighs the cost. There is no other experience like it. this looks great on your resume, you know for that short period of time to be in another country, you are never going to have that opportunity again once you graduate," says Vicki Rusk

"Because of increasing globalization, employers are looking for students who have a world view. Studying abroad is one way to gain that view. One of the more popular destinations for Texas Tech students to study abroad is in Seville, Spain, where Texas Tech has our own center," says Dr. David Smith Texas Tech University System Chancellor.

More than 650 Texas Tech students will be studying abroad during 2005. Advisors in the Office of International Affairs say if students are interested in studying abroad, or learning more information about the various study abroad programs offered at Texas Tech, they need to contact the office of International Affairs as soon as possible, preferably in their freshman year. That way they can start planning and saving for their trip.

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