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Snyder Still in Shock After Tragic Double Murder/Suicide

Source: Snyder Daily News Source: Snyder Daily News
Source: Snyder Daily News Source: Snyder Daily News

Zachary Green was buried in Snyder Thursday morning. Police say the 22-year-old shot himself last Friday night just minutes after shooting his children, 4-year-old Caitlin and 22-month-old Christopher.

Family members tell us the tragedy brings an end to a history of domestic violence. This time, Zachary's girlfriend Amy Warr, escaped to call 911, only to find her children dead when she returned. The Green family is blaming both Zachary and Amy for what happened. "There's been animosity between the two families because of Zach and Amy's relationship. It's so tragic that is took a tragedy to bring the two families together," said Jerry Cline, Zach's uncle.

Jerry says Amy and Zach had an on-and-off again rocky relationship for five years. They shared two children and Jerry says both have a history of domestic violence. Zach's other uncle Donny Loveall describes Zach as a caring man who managed to give what little money he had to his children. "He took care of those kids. He loved them he would do anything for them," said Donny.

So why would Zach turn the gun on the two children he loved? The family says they don't understand completely. "We do know this...he was tired. He thought he had gone as far as he could go. He felt like he didn't have anyone to turn to and he wanted his children to be taken care of. We've got peace and closure that we know in his own mind, he knew how to take care of them. Even though in the eyes of society it's wrong, in our hearts, we're going to have to forgive him," said Jerry.

Zachary himself was a victim of crime at 7 years old when his step-father beat his mother to death. Jerry says Zach tried to cope with it all these years. Now, like Zach, it will take time for Amy to cope with this tragedy. "She's like the rest of us, she's shocked over the deal. It's going to time for both families," Jerry said.

Family members tell us Zachary bought the shotgun the day of the shootings. Even though he was arrested for assault in the past, Zach was never convicted of the crime which allowed him to purchase the gun without a waiting period.

Meanwhile, United Supermarkets has set up a fund in Amy Warr's name. You can make donations at any American State Bank location.

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