Dalton DeGraffenreid is new Head Football Coach at Klondike

KLONDIKE, TX (KCBD) - The Klondike Cougars have a new head football coach as Dalton DeGraffenreid comes in to take over a program that went 1-9 last season.

DeGraffenreid was an assistant coach at Stamford last year, at Crane before that. This is his first head coaching job, making him one of the youngest head football coaches in the entire state of Texas.

"I'm 23 years old. It's definitely a blessing, I think. It wasn't too long ago I was getting to play under the Friday Night Lights. I know I'm young. The kids know I'm young. We have two other football coaches who are awesome coaches and the kids respect them. Age gets thrown out the window and we have to get to work."

Coach DeGraffenreid thinks it's plus that the kids who go to Klondike, which is 79 miles outside of Lubbock and just past Lamesa, live on farms. It's proving to be good off-season training.

"We have farmboy strength. That's what we have here. We got a bunch of boys out on farms. They're getting stronger, even when they're not working out. They're a great group of hard working young men."

You can watch my Facebook interview with Coach DeGraffenreid here:

We wish him and the Klondike Cougars the best of luck this upcoming season.

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