Consider This: Why are TTU regents dragging their feet on vet school?

Amarillo has put up $15 million for the Texas Tech Vet School.

The Legislature approved it. The governor signed it into law.

Who isn't in favor of a Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine?

Chancellor Duncan and past Chancellor Hance both support the vet school.

No one can argue against the need for more large animal doctors in West Texas and the Panhandle.

As the only major university to serve this area, it is a logical complement to the Texas Tech brand to open a campus in Amarillo to fill this economic necessity.

Consider this...why is the Texas Tech Board of Regents dragging its feet on the vet school?

The Board of Regents, the governing body of the university, is charged with doing what is best for Texas Tech.

But I hear rumors that Governor Abbott's Chief of Staff, a graduate of the University of Texas and an opponent of the Texas Tech Vet School, is quietly pressuring Regents to do nothing.

The Regents are a well-insulated group of nine men, all political appointees of the Governor and none of whom live in Lubbock. It is easy to see how people living on the I-35 corridor might fail to understand the priorities of our area.

I challenge the Texas Tech Regents to step up for this region and for the school.

Let's see what is more important, being reappointed by the Governor or doing what is right for Texas Tech.

CORRECTED: This commentary has been corrected to indicate that the governor's Chief of Staff was a graduate of the University of Texas, not Texas A&M.

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