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HealthWise at 5 from 7.8

  • Eyelid Window

An eye exam is not unusual, but for this patient, her eye is anything but ordinary, eye specialists at Duke University were able to restore sight to a woman whose eye was severely damaged by an allergic reaction. The solution involved sealing the eye shut and implanting an artificial keratoprosthesis. The artificial cornea restores a light and sight path, and is an alternative for patients who have not had success with donated corneas.

  • Summer Smokers

Summertime might be associated with smoky foods on the grill, but for teens, this might also end up the season they take up smoking as a habit. The University of Southern California says teens with hours of unsupervised time are likely to try smoking, and, if parents are smokers, having easy accessibility to tobacco products can also play into the first puffs. The overall recommendation is to make sure teens are involved in activities over the summer which include responsible adult supervision.

  • Trike to Bike

Learning to ride on two wheels takes a lot of practice, but some innovative student engineers have come up with an award-winning design to make that "shift" a little easier! A team from Purdue University won first prize in the International Bicycle Design Competition held in Taiwan. Their unique bike, called Shift, starts out on three wheels. However, as a rider gains greater balance and control, the rear wheels shift inward until their idea is essentially cruising on two wheels. The transforming bike has attracted the interest of manufactures who may eventually commercialize this "trike to bike" concept.

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