Possible New Treatment for Cold Sores

The fastest way to get rid of painful and unsightly cold sores may be a little zap. Delisa Day is part of a group testing something new called an iontophoretic device, where electricity is used to get medicine to the source of the fever blister faster.

"The device increases the medication at the sight by 40 times so a higher concentration of medicine should mean the virus will be more affected by the medicine and go away more quickly,"says Dr. Michelle Renyolds at Radiant Research Medical Investigator.

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At the first tingle of a cold sore, Delisa straps on the finger applicator and puts the tip to the spot for ten minutes. Some patients say it feels warm or they get a little zing from the machine. Within two days, Delisa's fever blister is disappearing. In a week, she's back to normal. Doctors are also testing to see if the electrical current by itself is healing sores.