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Lubbock Sex Offenders On The Run

Lubbock Police are on the manhunt tonight for three sex offenders who are on the run. Not only that, but Lubbock County and the Department of Public Safety have a three more they are looking for as well.

This makes Lubbock's most wanted list double in size this week. The people they are looking for are sex offenders who failed to register themselves or have left Lubbock. Their pictures will soon be on the police department's most wanted web page. Right now, there are only three faces shown.

Friday, police filed these cases with the district attorney's office: 35-year-old Jerbacio Rodriguez, 48-year-old Benito Rodriguez, and a third man whom police do not want to name at this time because they believe he is in Lubbock.

NewsChannel 11 did some digging and we know the DPS plans to make an arrest maybe next week, as does the county. Our list of unregistered sex offenders has grown to seven. Corporal Mark Long says it is the law to register and a felony if you do not. "Some of them maybe because they are recommitting, some don't believe they don't have to follow the law. Some of them disregard or forget...there's millions of reasons why they don't follow the law," said Cpl. Long.

According to Long, 15% of sex offenders resist registering. Out of the seven men, Long believes three are still in Lubbock and believe most escaped to Mexico. But if you know where to find any of these sex offenders, call police because you might be eligible for a reward. The number is 741-1000.

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Lubbock's Most Wanted
Lubbock Police are on the lookout for these felons.

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