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Northwest Lubbock County Couple Left Without a Home After Fire

A Lubbock County couple was left without a place to sleep after a fire completely destroyed their mobile home Friday.

Two mobile homes on the 7300 block of county road 6100 near Shallowater are a complete loss. Firefighters responded at 4pm Friday afternoon, they say within seven minutes the first home was completely covered in flames, the second caught fire shortly after. Fortunately nobody lived the second home, but for the couple who lived in the first home, it's total devastation.

As a Lubbock County home goes up in smoke, so does the life that residents, Lynn and Gail Davidson knew just a few short hours before. "A lot of family pictures and stuff like that-- just can't be replaced," said Lynn Davidson.

Firefighters aren't sure what caused the fire, but they believe it started in the middle of the home.

Davidson had no idea what he would see when he came home from work. He said, "We turned in down the road and saw all the commotion and I didn't know what it was, so I came in the back way. I saw that tin laying over there and Gail said, 'my God, it's our house.' It was our house."

Only a dining room chair set is salvageable, along with another chair which Davidson later used to reflect upon where he once lived. "It's just one of those things that happens to everyone else, but not to you," said Davidson.

He said he and his wife have no choice but to start over. "We'll get something going," he said, "in another place...somewhere."

Davidson said they'll likely stay with his sister-in-law until they get on their feet.

Again, no one was hurt, and firefighters aren't sure what caused the fire, but it's safe to say the fire wasn't related to electricity since the landowner says the home had no electricity. The State Fire Marshall's office will investigate in the coming days.

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