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Lubbock Salvation Army Sends Team To Help Hurricane Victims

In response to Hurricane Dennis the Salvation Army here in Lubbock activated its disaster team. The Disaster Alert Response Team is composed of local volunteers, including a number of members from the Lubbock Lions Club. Saturday two of those volunteers left for Dallas, where they will receive orders to travel to a specific area effected by Hurricane Dennis.

Dave Freriks and George Parramore spent Saturday morning preparing for disaster.

"We call this our disaster canteen and it's a fully self contained kitchen," said Freriks. Inside the canteen, they'll prepare hundreds of meals over the next ten days for hurricane victims and first responders. "Initially its the responders, the fire, police and the people leaving, then it's the people coming back trying to find out what's left of their home. They have no way to fix meals," he said.

As members of the Lubbock Salvation Army's Disaster Alert Response Team, Freriks and Parramore are familiar with scenes of destruction. Last year they responded to the hurricanes in Florida. "A lot of things were torn up and kind of like a tornado went out there, but more widespread," Parramore described.

That's the same type of aftermath they expect hurricane Dennis to leave behind in Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama. Which is why they packed up the disaster canteen on Saturday.

"We'll take this in as far as we can get in to the areas that are effected," said Freriks. Once they arrive at their destination, he and Parramore will join seven other Texas units in fulfilling one mission.

"We just go down and try to ease their initial reaction to the storm and possibly if we get them laughing try to get them on the road to recovery," said Freriks.

Dave Freriks, the Salvation Army's Disaster Team Chairman, says it's thanks to your generosity. Especially during Christmas time that they are able to make these trips to help hurricane victims. But, support is needed year round. If you would like to help with a monetary donation, or if you would to join the disaster team as a volunteer, contact the Salvation Army at 765-9434.

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