Arrington cosponsored legislation cracks down on Sanctuary Cities, passes House

Arrington cosponsored legislation cracks down on Sanctuary Cities, passes House

Provided by Office of Congressman Jodey Arrington

WASHINGTON —  Today the United States House of Representatives passed the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, legislation cosponsored by Congressman Jodey Arrington (TX-19) that would impose significant penalties on states and cities that refuse to follow federal immigration laws and cooperate with authorities. Additionally, the bill would allow the Secretary of Homeland Security to prohibit law-breaking immigrants in DHS custody from being transferred to sanctuary cities.

"When the federal government abdicates its responsibility to secure our border and enforce our immigration laws, we not only fail in our sacred duty to uphold the Constitution and the Rule of Law, but we put American lives at risk," Arrington said.

In a speech on the House floor, Congressman Arrington pointed to the one hundred twenty-one lives that were lost from 2010-2014, lives he said "could have been saved if we simply had the political courage to enforce our immigration laws regarding criminal aliens." Of the over 36,000 criminal aliens released from Immigration & Customs Enforcement custody over the course of a year, 1,000 of them were re-convicted of another crime.

"These avoidable tragic deaths and violent crimes continue to happen across the country, and many of the criminal aliens who have committed them have found refuge in our nation's sanctuary cities. These are lawless cities, let's be clear. Cities who's actions undermine the basic American tenant that we are a nation of laws, not of men. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to stop this madness and do the job the American people expect their government to do -- their first job -- and that's keep Americans safe."

But Arrington says the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act addresses only one part of the problem in an area that will require further reform.

In addition to cosponsoring the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, Arrington has co-sponsored the Davis-Oliver Act, a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would give states and local jurisdictions the authority to pass and enforce immigration laws that are consistent with federal law, and assist the federal government in the enforcement of immigration law. Additionally the bill would:

• Expand the list of deportable offenses and expand expedited removal.

• Block visas to countries that refuse to repatriate deported aliens.

• Require states and local jurisdictions to notify the feds whenever they detain an individual suspected of being in the country illegally.

• Require the federal government to enter into agreements with states and local jurisdictions that wish to assist in immigration enforcement.

• Require DHS to include deportable aliens in the national crime database.

• Clarify that state and local officers have full authority to honor detainers that allow ICE to take custody of removable aliens.

• Improve the vetting process to prevent issuing visas to individuals who pose a potential national security risk.

• Authorize the hiring of 12,500 ICE agents and provide ICE with more resources.

"In addition to holding cities accountable for harboring criminal aliens, we need to ensure that our state and local law enforcement officials have the authority to actually do their job, and that's enforce all of our nation's laws! Together, I believe the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act and the Davis-Oliver Act will have a major impact on stopping illegal immigration and deterring lawlessness at the hands of criminal aliens who have repeatedly proven that they will break our laws, harm our citizens, and disrespect this great nation."