Consider This: Governor's office asks for immediate removal of vet school commentary

But none were more interesting, or as passionate, as the reaction from the Governor's office itself.

I received seven emails or phone calls from Governor Greg Abbott's Press Secretary asking for the immediate removal of my commentary.

Governor Abbott's office responded to my editorial saying, "It is absolutely one hundred percent false. There is no truth to any of that."

Let's get real here. They may think West Texans don't understand how backroom politics work but I continue to hear the chief of staff is working behind the scenes to kill the deal.

I stand firm in the opinion something smells fishy when the Governor's appointees, the Board of Regents, do not support the establishment of a Texas Tech Vet School.

Consider This...that the Governor's office is upset doesn't matter one bit to me, but I will gladly offer the Governor or his Chief of Staff this segment in the coming weeks for a reply.

If this is as important as they say, you'll see them right here during commentary urging the Regents to move forward on the vet school.

What do you think?

If you believe the Governor should ask the Regents to support the Tech Vet School, contact his office. His phone number is (512) 463-2000.

And if they choose not to respond, perhaps my editorial hit closer to home than they'd like to admit.

(512) 463-2000 - Office of the Governor Main Switchboard

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