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Recent Monterey grad says fight with boyfriend over social media led to violent attack

Solidad Torres, 18 (Source: KCBD Video) Solidad Torres, 18 (Source: KCBD Video)
Torres recovers at home after violent attack Torres recovers at home after violent attack
Solidad Torres received staples for her injuries (Source: KCBD) Solidad Torres received staples for her injuries (Source: KCBD)
Torres at the hospital Torres at the hospital
Dameon Marmolejo (Source: Facebook) Dameon Marmolejo (Source: Facebook)

Solidad Torres,18, just graduated from Monterey High School in May.

"I am going to South Plains to do my basics and then I'm going to try to get into the graphic design program there," Torres said.

About a month before graduation, Torres said she started dating 20-year-old Dameon Ray Marmolejo.

"He was just a sweet, nice, kind guy, I thought," Torres said.

A nice guy who Torres said became increasingly controlling.

"He said you can't wear makeup because you just want attention. He would always take my car because he doesn't trust me with my own car. He would take my phone, my car and everything," Torres said.

Torres said when it came to social media, Marmolejo really did not want her using it.

"He had this rule like, 'Oh, you're not supposed to post selfies or you're not supposed to take pictures,'" Torres said.

Torres said she posted pictures of her high school graduation party to social media.

"That's when he started taking all of my accounts off and deleting them from my phone," Torres said.

She said Marmolejo also changed the passwords to her accounts so he could access them.

On June 17, Torres said she created a new Snapchat account, something Marmolejo noticed when he came over that night.

"He started slapping me," Torres said.

She said Marmolejo then smashed her phone.

Torres said she ran to the bathroom and tried to lock the door, but she was not fast enough.

"He busted through the door and started choking me and banged my head against the bathtub," she said.

Torres said she was in and out of consciousness, but remembers Marmolejo calling 911 before running away.

"Even the officer that found her, I got to talk to him and he said she is lucky to be alive," said Torres' mother, Juanita Torres.

Juanita said she was on her way home when she received the call.

"It was the paramedics saying they were going to take my daughter to the hospital and I said, 'For what?' And they said they couldn't say over the phone. That was the longest drive ever," Juanita said.

Juanita said officers asked her to come home before going to the hospital.

"I saw the bathroom first. Yeah, that's a lot of blood," Juanita said.

Juanita said she looked around the home and saw signs of a struggle.

After answering officers' questions she said she rushed to the hospital where she was told to wait while doctors treated Torres.

She said she waited hours before she was allowed in Torres' hospital room and nothing could have prepared her for what she saw.

"My heart just dropped seeing all of the blood, seeing her skull still open, laying there helpless on the stretcher," Juanita said.

While Torres is now recovering at home, the nightmare is not over.

Marmolejo is still on the run.

"Just so many concerns. Is he going to come here?" Juanita asked.

However, the Torres family said fear will not silence them.

Torres is encouraging others to use their voices.

"Just message me, talk to me if you don't feel comfortable talking to family. Get away as soon as possible," Torres said.

If you have any information on Marmolejo's whereabouts, police ask that you call Crime Line at 741-1000.

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